Iman Islamic Association (IIA) is a Local religious association established in May 2003 G.c. The association was officially registered by ministry of Federal and pastoralist development affairs according the pertinent proclamation and bears a registration number 1520.

The establishment of The Association was initiated by concerned individuals aiming at solving multifaceted spiritual and social problems and challenges of the Ethiopian Muslim Society.

Among the main objective of IIA is disseminating balanced Islamic teaching and Dawa , raising the conscious of the Ethiopian Muslim society, giving trainings, organizing seminars and workshops, distributing different kinds of Islamic books, magazines, journals and Quran, CDs etc. It is also authorized to build masjids, Markaz, Islamic centers and institution and giving social and religious services on the occasion of festivity of Eid. It aspires to enable the Ethiopian Muslim society to understand Islam in a correct and balanced way.

IIA targets all section of the Muslim society the intellectual, Imams, Duat, Muslim scholars, students, youth, women, teenagers, elders …and others. It also works to correct and shape the attitude of non-Muslims towards Islam and Muslims, so that both Muslims and non-Muslims can build their country with the spirit of Humanity (tolerance) and respect.

Through time, IIA was able to transform to a more dynamic organization focusing on nurturing the comprehensive understanding of Islam. It is underlined that the main reason behind the foundation of the association is to enlighten the Muslim society with the Islamic values and teachings so that it will actively engage in the making of a nation and contribute to its development.

IIA is the first of its kind working to address the problems and challenge of the Muslim society in a more organized, systematic, comprehensive and modern manner. Creating the platform that encourage the participation of Muslims in the building of a nation is one of the main reasons in founding the organization.